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Below you will find the Partners Worldwide International Summit schedule & Breakouts.
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Thursday, 18

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Welcome, Introductions, & Devotions

Keynote #1 – Business & Ministry

Pastor Sam Reeves kicks off the conference by telling his story of bringing church and business together in the rebuilding of Liberia. He’ll discuss his role as the president of LEAD (Liberia Entrepreneurial and Asset Development), as well as his journey with Partners Worldwide, Liberia’s growth the last decade, and how he sees business as part of his ministry.


Breakout Session #1 Options:
Business & Social Enterprise

There is a growing movement of businesses focused on addressing the social needs in society, including alleviation of poverty. Come hear about the latest corporate models, investment trends and examples of these forms of business from the Program Director of the MBA Social Impact at Eastern University.

Business & Empathy

Empathy and Business. At first glance, these might seem like they have nothing to do with each other—or worse, opposition. But how does learning to listen with empathy and lead a business with compassion reveal the secret to a truly successful business?

PW Training

Business training is a critical part of creating jobs and ending poverty. PW has pioneered a global training team and curriculum that impacts thousands of businesses each year. Come hear from some of our network’s passionate and talented trainers, and gain best practices for how to equip entrepreneurs for success!

Business & The Culture Clash

Working across continents can be confusing; culture clashes can occur even when working within the same city. At PW, we believe in a posture of humility, listening, and learning… and we ultimately believe this approach leads to more transparency, openness, and breakthrough! In this session we will explore practical tips on working together, and doing business, across cultures.

Hello PW

Are you new to Partners Worldwide? Want to learn what it’s all about? Join us for “Hello PW” to hear who we are, why we are, what we do, and where we work.

Lunch & Network Exhibits

Panel Discussion #1:
Lead Positive Community Impact

A panel interview with four entrepreneurs from the PW Network who implement a multiple bottom approach– leading positive community impact by building businesses on relationships of shalom.


Breakout Session #2 Options:
Business & Ministry (shalom)

Join this workshop to hear from entrepreneurs around the globe about practical applications of faith in and through business, from those working to end poverty and build the kingdom (shalom). Learn how businesses are dealing with corruption, applying multiple bottom lines, and being the salt and light in their everyday relationships in the marketplace.

Permanent Resilient Institutions

This workshop will focus on building strong leadership and governance for poverty-fighting institutions, as well as generating sustainable, local funding sources. We’ll reflect on lessons learned and stories in our global network.

PW Coaching & Mentoring

How do you mentor and coach emerging businesspeople, and do it really well? While mentoring and coaching can be challenging things to perfect, effective coaching skills can be learned and improved! This workshop will explore how to mentor and coach from a Biblical perspective.

PW Access to Capital

Join us as we focus on an overview of trends in financial inclusion and impact investing. The workshop will discuss managing risk, managing change, and how to foster a culture of transparency with lending clients. 

Opportunities to Engage

If you’ve been connected to the Partners Worldwide network for a while and are looking for your place to plug in, this is the workshop for you. Hear from PW’s Engagement Team some of the opportunities and highlights currently in our network, and how you can put your skills and passion to use!

Closing Remarks

Network Exhibits Open

Network Exhibits Close

Friday, 19

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Keynote #2 – Business & Entrepreneurship

Julio Zelaya, best-selling author and global expert in entrepreneurship, brings a wealth of wisdom and a love for Biblical business to the PW stage. In his home country of Guatemala, Julio serves as Founder and President of Emprende U (Entrepreneur University), and is a world-renowned speaker on Kingdom business.


Breakout Session #3 Options:
Business & The Hedgehog

What’s your deepest passion? What are you the best at doing? What drives your economic engine?  These the the key questions of the Hedgehog Concept (from the bestselling book “From Good To Great”).  We’ll explore how these motivations fit with a Kingdom business mindset, led by renowned speaker and entrepreneurial expert Julio Zelaya. 

Business & ___ism

Racism, paternalism, and sexism are just a few of the institutional barriers that stop businesses and people from flourishing. Doug Seebeck delves into these barriers and provides 20 years of insight into what we must do in our partnerships to combat them.

The ABCs of Being a BA

A unique aspect of the Partners Worldwide model is our Business Affiliates, who serve as volunteers and support systems for our local partners. So what is a BA, what exactly do they do, and how can you become a BA? Hear firsthand from some of the dedicated Business Affiliates in our network.

PW Agricultural Showcase

‘No farmers, no future’ – four words that proclaim the centrality of agriculture to human life. Running a successful agriculture or farming enterprise is a challenge, especially in the developing world. Come celebrate and learn from those who have taken the bold decision to invest in agriculture to create jobs and support many livelihoods in their communities. While facing the inherent risks and challenges associated with agriculture, they stand bold to deliver on their calling. Their stories and life lessons will inspire and inform.

SMEs and Job Creation

People in poverty talk about escaping it by doing one of two things: starting a business and getting a job. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in not only the job creation component of ending poverty, but also as leaders for transformation in their communities. Hear about the vital role of SMEs in development and how you can support SMEs and build thriving communities.

Interview: Nathan & Anna Bond

What makes for a successful start up? Nathan and Anna Bond reflect on the balance between risk and caution, and the critical need to understand one’s customer. Nathan and Anna will tell the unlikely story of Rifle Paper Co , an idea started in their parents’ garage, now grown to a $22 million enterprise.

Business Pitch Competition

Breakout Session #4 Options:
Starting Lean

The “lean start-up” approach has become extremely popular in entrepreneurial development, but how exactly does it work? In this workshop, learn the keys to success and pitfalls to avoid when starting lean. 

Business & Innovation

‘Need-finding’ through ’empathy’ is a critical element in designing products and services that will delight customers and lead to unshakeable brand loyalty. The workshop will focus on how Anna Bond, founder and chief designer of Rifle Paper Co,. used techniques to achieve intimacy with customers and grow a $22 Million card business in the midst of the digital age. 

PW Advocacy

As we work together to influence the policies and systems necessary for businesses and people to thrive, business-focused advocacy takes center stage. Learn about the practical application of PW’s Advocacy Toolkit and our pilot advocacy work in Honduras, directly from the leaders involved.

Business & Spiritual Metrics

How do we measure the impact of businesspeople through a spiritual lens? Exciting new tools are emerging that help us understand those we serve and the progress being made in their lives and communities. Come learn about spiritual metrics and our work to capture them.

Keynote #3 — Business & The Beginning

The origins of business are in Genesis—with God making it very clear that business is a holy calling and that characteristics of entrepreneurism are from the very nature of God. President and Founder Doug Seebeck provides new insights and affirms your business as a ministry.

Closing & Summit Commission

A summit is a vantage point to see a vista, in our case, a future world without poverty. Pastor Sam Reeves and Doug Seebeck will close our summit with a Spirit-charged blessing and challenge upon businesses, businesspeople and everyone in attendance to go out as change agents to end poverty through business.

Network Exhibits

Schedule and sessions subject to change.